MD/MP Series Normal Frequency On-line UPS
The brand-new design MD and MP series UPS by LEUMS are the true on-line sine wave solutions.By providing stable voltage,frequency and hignly reliable uninterruptible sine wave power supply.,they exert excellent on-line efficiency.
The built-in static swicth guarantees continuous power supply even if the UPS fails,which would meet your most stringent requirement for your power supply.There is no surprise that a telecommunication network entry license.
(License No.:25-3271-000554)was issued by the State Ministry of Information.

True on-line double conversion UPS.
Extremely wide input voltage range and ultra-strong capability against overload.
IGBT and SPWM technologies applied.
Built-in separation tranformer.
User-friendly digitized LCD with system information available at a glance.
Strong self-diagnosis and protection functions.
Smart RS232 port for computer monitoring.
Extra long standby time design.

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